Original Battery LG Optimus L3


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  • Original Battery
  • Compatibility with : LG Optimus L3,LG C660, E400 Optimus L3, E510, E612, E730, P690, P693, P698, P970

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Original Battery LG Optimus L3


No wonder your current battery has a tough time of it! So with an extra battery on hand you can ensure that you never run out of power again. Also ideal as an emergency back-up or just to extend the use of your phone between charges. These replacement batteries are each designed & tested specifically for your mobile phone. The high capacity battery also enhances battery performance by offering a lower internal resistance for extended life over our standard battery. Our batteries are safe to use, identical in size & shape to the original manufacture’s batteries and offer far better all-round value.


  •  Keep a spare battery so you don’t miss an important call when you run low on battery  life
  • Please ensure you give the replacement battery a good 12 hour charge before full  usage for best performance.

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Original Battery LG Optimus L3


  • Lithium Ion


  • 3.7 V

Battery Type:

  • 1500 mAh


  •  LG Optimus L3
  • LG C660
  • LG E400 Optimus L3
  • LG E510
  • LG E612
  • LG E730
  • LG P690
  • LG P693
  • LG P698
  • LG P970

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